service #1

Personal learning profile Assessment

Every learner is different.  Students learn in different ways and at a different pace.  Multiple factors affect learning beyond one’s so-called “capacity” to learn (IQ score).  

Prior to offering learning activities best suited to the individual learner, Aileron provides the learner with an interactive online assessment in order to establish a personal learning profile.

The purpose of this assessment is to assist the individual learner in identifying strengths, weaknesses, habits, preferences and opportunities for improvement.  Knowing how you learn will help you understand how you acquire new knowledge best. Identifying techniques to optimize your learning gives you an opportunity to improve your productivity and performance.   

Once this assessment has been completed, a set of recommendations and best practices will be generated for the student, parent and teacher/counselor (optional) based upon the learning profile of the individual learner.   

Aileron will regularly communicate with subscribers to promote learner progress on learning characteristics.  Aileron will use the Personal Learning Profile Assessment as the baseline from which to promote progress in development of key learning characteristics.   

service #2

virtual private mentor

The value of a one to one learning experience is universally understood. When a tutor explains, demonstrates, or guides the learner in a manner best suited to the learner, the likelihood of achieving success increases significantly.

Studying with a tutor is a form of personalized or customized learning. Aileron Learning’s Virtual Personal Mentor offers the learner the opportunity to supplement their learning and master the subject by using adaptive learning exercises.  These exercises provide immediate feedback and guidance to the learner and encourage achievement of mastery before moving forward to the next level/topic.  

Aileron Learning is dedicated to improving learning productivity and performance through supplemental exercises that ultimately confirm a learner’s mastery of the subject matter.  Aileron firmly believes in the value of adaptive learning software as a means of supplementing the traditional learning experience.   

The Virtual Private Mentor service is a digital platform that is mobile, 24/7, customized and interactive.  It dynamically responds to the preferences, habits and tendencies of learners to offer a truly personal, customized experience.  

service #3

Personal Profile Dashboard

This cloud-based repository dynamically gathers information related to the learner's original learning profile assessment as well as their utilization of the adaptive learning software exercises.  

This information is available 24/7 to the learner, the parent/guardian, and teacher/counselor (optional).  The Digital Learning Portfolio serves as a permanent repository of learning achievement from program inception to completion and offers a mastery-oriented database to view, confirm and analyze student performance.

Aileron Learning tracks the following key components of the learning process:

  1. Personal Learning Profile Characteristics (Initial Baseline & Self-Reported Progress) 

    • Study Habits & Skills
    • Perseverance / Grit
    • Learning Preferences
    • Growth Mindset
    • Left Brain / Right Brain
    • Accountability & Engagement
    • Motivation 
  2. Learning Performance

    • Formative exercise individual results

    • Subject progress

    • Mastery achievement

  3. Learning Productivity    

  • Time (How much time is invested in actual learning? Is a student willing to invest in their own success?)

  • Frequency (How often? daily? weekly?)

  • Productivity to Achievement