Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the value of the Personal Learning Profile Assessment?

A learner who wishes to increase productivity and performance is more likely to be able to do so with an improved awareness of  characteristics that impact their learning combined with recommended best practices.  These characteristics include motivation, perseverance, preferred styles of learning, right brain / left brain tendencies, study habits, accountability & engagement;

2. Why is a parent/guardian included?

Studies consistently confirm that a child is more likely to be a successful learner if their parents are involved in their learning.  Aileron encourages parents and learners to share performance and productivity data in the expectation that a realistic awareness of a learner's activities has significant benefit to the process of learning.

3. Is my data safe/private?

Your data is safe, housed in the cloud, and only accessible to you and your parent/guardian. Aileron uses aggregated information from its community of learners to guide strategic planning and decision-making. 

4. What feedback will I receive after taking the assessment?

Aileron Learning provides immediate feedback to your assessment.  The feedback is organized into ten separate categories, each with its own separate score.  Aileron offers customized recommendations based upon the learner's answers as well as best practice strategies for consideration and adoption.

5. What feedback will my parent/guardian and I receive after they have completed the assessment?

Aileron Learning collects the responses from parent/guardians and learners and sends a comparison of the results for review. 

6. Why does Aileron Learning recommend the Monthly subscription to its services?

Learning is important and becoming a better learner does not happen overnight.  Aileron Learning believes that a long-term commitment to supplemental learning exercises can pay enormous dividends in terms of learner productivity and performance. The cost of the monthly subscription is similar to the cost of a monthly cell phone bill - make an investment in your future with Aileron. 

7. When will I have access to the Virtual Private Mentor service utilizing adaptive learning software?

As a monthly subscriber, once you and your parent have completed the assessment, you are eligible to begin using the adaptive software learning tool on an unlimited basis. Aileron will supply a username and password to you that gives you unlimited access.

8. How do I find the subject that I want to study?

*In the first quarter of 2017, Aileron offers adaptive learning exercises including the following major subjects:

  • Math
  • English / Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Aileron Learning plans to include additional adaptive software in the summer of 2017. These additional tools will enhance the initial virtual private mentor by expanding the number of courses/subjects as well as the level of difficulty that a learner may desire.  

9. Where are the results of my assessment & learning activities stored?

Aileron Learning stores all learner data in a cloud-based repository that is secure and accessible/transparent to the learner and their parent/guardian.  

10. What is the value of this information in the long term?

Aileron Learning dynamically collects performance and productivity information on each learner in the expectation that this database will be available to reflect the progress of the individual learner.  Monthly Subscribers have the advantage of building a long term dynamic collection of data that will generate increasing benefit with increased use.