Best Practice Recommendations for Aileron Learning Services

1. Plan for 15-30 minutes to take the Personal Learning Profile Assessment. This is a one time activity that has value in both the short and long term;

2. Answer all 150 questions in the Assessment as honestly as possible - the ten different sections of the assessment are designed to thoroughly consider the relevant factors that impact your learning;

3. The feedback provided by the assessment is a baseline.  Everyone learns differently and at their own pace.  The value of establishing a baseline is offering the learner and the parent/guardian an opportunity to consider multiple possibilities for progress;

4. The comparative feedback provided by the Parent/Guardian assessment seeks to accomplish two tasks: 1, to confirm shared perspectives on learning factors and 2, to identify perspectives on learning factors that are not shared by the learner and their parent/guardian;

5. Aileron's Virtual Personal Mentor utilizes adaptive learning software as its primary engine.  It is available 24/7 online and is extremely responsive to the needs of the individual learner;

6. When you go to the Virtual Personal Mentor, use the search tool to identify the subject/topic you wish to study.  Once you make your selection, a list of interactive exercises will be generated. Depending on the number of responses, you may wish to use the option to filter the selections additionally.  Choose the exercise that most closely relates to the subject/topic that you wish to learn;

7. Exercises are listed both by topic and associated grade level.  Your school may teach individual topics at a different grade, so do not automatically assume that if you are a 10th grader that the topic you need to study is automatically listed as a 10th grade subject.  Grade identification should be used as a point of reference only;

8. Learners who receive the greatest benefit from adaptive learning software use the service regularly until they establish mastery of individual topics.  While everyone learns and studies differently, there is value to any learner using this service on a daily basis to supplement their school learning. A monthly subscriber has unlimited access to these interactive exercises. If you wish to improve, invest the time and energy to improve.  No matter how much time you plan to spend using these interactive learning exercises, try to increase your time commitment gradually and see if there is a direct correlation between time invested and progress;

9. The Virtual Personal Mentor offers IMMEDIATE feedback.  After each answer, you will learn whether or not your answer was correct. If you answered incorrectly, the software provides assistance and then adjusts questions accordingly to reinforce your understanding.  Do not get discouraged if you struggle - if you keep working at it, you will improve.  Focus on making progress GRADUALLY and don't expect immediate dramatic results;


10. The Personal Profile Dashboard will dynamically track frequency, time, performance, productivity and progress while the learner uses the Virtual Personal Mentor.  This information is always available to the learner and to the parent/guardian.  Aware that learners are tackling subjects that they struggle with, try to focus on gradual progress and do not get discouraged by short term struggles.  You are not receiving a "grade" similar to a classroom environment - your progress is not dependent on anyone else's schedule - work at your own pace and don't give up.  You will improve if you invest the time and energy into your own learning.